Queen E. Meheux & Associates, LLC will make phone calls, write letters and track and seek resolution to your legitimate complaint or dispute until we obtain a suitable and reasonable resolution for you.
Queen E. Meheux & Associates, LLC can help you with any of the following:

  • Research and track down answers or details you need, including legal research, internet research, records search.
  • Landlord/tenant and condominium association/homeowner disputes.
  • Insurance company claims/disputes.
  • Retail refunds, exchanges, gift card problems.
  • Utility disputes, including but not limited to internet service providers, cable TV, satellite TV, local and long-distance phone companies, mobile phone companies, landline phone companies, radio services, etc.
  • Travel disputes, including airlines, hotels, motels, rental cars, online travel, etc.
  • Car dealers and mechanics including manufacturer arbitration case preparation and lemon law.
  • Credit card companies and financial institutions.
  • Event ticket refunds or exchanges for concerts, theatre, movies, sports, etc.
  • Restaurants including gift card problems.
  • Subscription problems including magazines, music/video clubs, etc.
  • Theme parks and other entertainment venues.
  • Product Warranties.
  • Non-lawyer representation in selected Federal and State agencies. (Contact us to find out more)

Mobile Notary Public Service – Georgia Only

Including (but not limited to):

1. Mortgage companies

2. Title companies

3. Signing companies

4. Residential homes

5. Businesses

6. Hospitals

7. Nursing and Assisted Care facilities

8. Jails and prisons

Fees for traveling outside Atlanta, Georgia: $25 per hour plus mileage.

Queen E. Meheux & Associates, LLC can save you money and time and get results for you. So, if you are a busy professional or running a hectic household. Or both! Then we can help you!

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