Virtual and in-person paralegal Services: We work collaboratively to provide value-added and competitively priced in-house and/or virtual paralegal services for businesses and law firms.

  • Document Review & Summaries
  • Preparation & Filings of Court Documents
  • Mobile Notary Public
  • Immigration applications and forms assistance

Mediation & Dispute Resolution: Our team is registered with the Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution and we are well equipped to provide reliable, confidential, unbiased professional mediation and dispute resolution services through the court system and also to individuals and businesses.

  • Programs from Court Cases
  • Pre-litigated Court Cases

Immigration Assistance Provider Entity: Queen E. Meheux & Associates, LLC is a licensed Immigration Assistance provider in the state of Georgia.

  • Provide immigration assistance to Individuals and businesses to complete immigration applications, forms and prepare packages for submission to USCIS.
  • Help collect supporting documents such as birth certificates or other vital records, foreign passports, tax forms, educational credentials, and police clearance
  • Notarize signatures
  • Arrange medical testing and obtaining test results
  • Transcribe responses on a government agency form related to immigration matters but will not advise on answers that may be needed to complete immigration forms and applications.

Education & Language Training Services: Access to education is a powerful driver for positive socio-economic and cultural transformation; and with leadership training and mentorship, the client is empowered for effective interaction with key stakeholders. We work with individuals, educational institutions, organizations, and enterprises to improve language communication skills, enhance decision making through the following services:

  • Language Training: English as a second language (ESL), and Krio
  • English and Krio Tester and Interpreter
  • Tutoring Program (high school and college students)
  • Traditional one-on-one and group Mentoring program for students and businesses
  • Test Administration: GED, ESL and Krio
  • Critical Thinking Education

Mobile Notary and Signing Agent Services: We are certified loan signing agents and Notary Public in the State of Georgia. Our services include:

  • Perform oaths/affirmation and acknowledgments
  • Witness or attest signature or execution of deeds and other written instruments
  • Screen the signers of important documents for their true identity
  • Accept loan signing assignments via email or phone
  • Print and prepare loan documents
  • Review closing documents for accuracy in names, addresses and legal information
  • Provide transportation to signing locations
  • Describe lender loan documents and obtain signatures
  • Notarize loan documents and other legal documents for individuals and businesses

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